Don W. Davis

Don Davis

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In 1992, Don Davis was convicted of the murder of Jane Daniels in Rogers, AR. In Don’s own words, “If the day I was found guilty in Bentonville and they would of took me out the next day and executed me, I feel as though it would have been a just execution.”

“To stick a man in a cell and turn him into the man he was supposed to be all that time and then take him out of that cell and execute him, I just have a problem with that picture and not just because it’s me.”
“I think you should care because every human being has something to offer.”
“My dream–what I would love to be able to do is try to help someone see that the mistakes that I have made, that the evil deed that I did, that all the pain and suffering I caused that they don’t have to do that  there’s a better way.”
Don was scheduled to be executed for the 6th time on April 17, 2017, when Governor Asa Hutchinson set 8 executions to be carried out in 10 days. Don received a stay of execution and is currently on Arkansas’ death row.
Susan Khani, daughter of Jane Daniels has commented on the difficulty that the lengthy period since Davis’ execution has caused her family, “”It’s as if the trial never ended. He was convicted 23 years ago. The murder was 25 years ago. He was convicted at the trial and sentenced to death.”It’s agony. We want an end to this so we don’t have to hear his name ever again.”


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