We Support Clemency for Jason McGehee

Governor Hutchinson has announced his intention to commute Jason McGehee’s sentence from death to life without parole.  This affirms what we already knew, Jason’s age at the time of the crime, his rehabilitation while in prison, and the fact that none of his co-defendents are serving life, all make him deserving of clemency. There is a notice and comment period for citizens to voice their opinion regarding the proposed commutation.

Please take the time to call the Governor, at 501-682-2345, or email him here to voice your support for his decision to commute Jason’s sentence. We know that advocates for the death penalty will be vocal about this issue, so it is vital that we all voice our support for clemency.

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Sign this petition now to stop Nebraska from taking a step backwards with their first execution in over 20 years. https://t.co/2B9VAC9Tud
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"If the law permits this execution to go forward in spite of the horrific final minutes that Irick may well experie… https://t.co/R8la91VqoZ
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