This documentary features three compelling perspectives on capital punishment: a murder victim’s family urging forgiveness, a person wounded by a terrorist’s bomb seeking retribution, and a former state executioner working to abolish executions.

While 37 states have effectively ended executions, Arkansas is still engaged in the practice. In fact, during 2017 – a year that national execution numbers reached a thirty-year low – Arkansas hastily executed 4 men in one week. And legislators recently paved the way for Arkansas to continue executions into the future.

These executions are carried out in the name of all citizens. Whether we support them or not, their shadow envelops us all. We can mobilize to end them.

Arkansas Abolish (logo) ACADP works to get people talking and thinking deeply about capital punishment. Join us for this informative documentary and to show your support for the abolition of executions in our state.

Tickets cost $30 and are available on Eventbrite. Free snacks and drinks are included in the ticket price – all proceeds go to support the work of ACADP. Reservations can also be made by calling 929-341-0041 or emailing: .

Donations to ACADP can be made here (link to our donations page) or mailed to Arkansas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, P. O. Box 26642, Little Rock AR 72221Email:

This movie event will serve as the annual ACADP membership meeting. An Abolitionist of the Year will be recognized and membership business conducted during a brief meeting ahead of the film.